Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 14, 2014

The Lopez family from Elder Parkers area that came to visit
Heber, Viktor Hugo, and Maria Teresa

Hey mom and family!! I am doing great!! I am glad that the Lopez familia is there with you guys.
I am glad everything went well. We are continueing to work hard here in the area.
My companion is great and we work really well together. He is always funny but focused as well.
It actually rained here once really hard. But I talked to the people and they were like, nah.. that is nothing wait until it rains for real. hahah it was funny because I thought it was so much rain. I have seen a bunch of Iguanas lately. I am waiting to see if I can eat one soon. That is what I want haha. President Cardenas came to Tapachula this week and watched the broadcast of the dedication of the mtc in Mexico. It was really neat
I am sure you can find it on the internet. It is by Dallin H Oaks. So I was able to receive the Easter package. I haven't opened
it yet but I think I probably should soon because I saw some ants entering the package. Should I wait or open it? hahah

Well thanks for everything. My convert bore his testimony in the sacrament meeting. Wow, that was powerful. He has changed a
lot and we are working to help his family also. I love this place. The members are great here.

Well my companion wants some skittles and starbursts hahah He said anything sweet hahah

Well I will go so we can chat. I love you all. Bye :)

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