Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March 24, 2014

This week went really well for us. We are working extremely hard.
As a leader it is always important to do the work and put the example first.
Because we can't help the rest if we are completing with our part.
I really enjoy this area. The zone is getting really excited. We are going to
have a lot of success here in Tapachula. I can't want until the general conference.
I always love listening to the prophet and the apostoles. I know we have an organization perfect in the church. Which is much needed to help us out in life.
I love teaching the people about prophets and how we have one these days.

Well transfers will be next Monday.. I guess we will see what happens.

Thanks for your emails. Sorry I couldn't write very much. We will get to chat at least.
I am forcing myself to talk to as many people as I can everyday. Which is quite fun actually. :)

The area is great mom. It is way different. But I enjoy it. I am willing to do anything to help these people.
We had a great Saturday. We were able to see another miracle and baptize. I am hoping for a lot more miracles
in this area. I always seem to feel the spirit working within us. What a blessing we have. I know if it wasn't for the spirit
I couldn't do anything. What a great message we get to share every day. :) It makes me so happy.

Well. I don't know what you guys will do for the conference.
And I don't want to pressure you guys. But a really nice family here from my
ward in Tapachula is going to the conference. They leave the 30 of March.
They are giong to stay in Salt Lake. But I told them if they need anything we
could help them out. They asked if they could stay in the house started from
7 April for like 3 days. I told them I don't know and that I would talk to you guys.
They are also willing to bring some of my stuff home for me. Sorry if I offered help
when I shouldn't have. It just came out of my mouth when I offered it.... What
do you think?

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