Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hey mom and family!! How are you all? I am doing really good. Well I am here in the good old Tapachula.
The zone is called Izapa and my area is called Estacion. Like station. I think it is called station because
they is a train station here. hahah a little run down now. Well it is nice to be here. I am getting used to my
area and the members. We worked really hard this week. I really enjoyed it. I have had some really spiritual
experiences in this short time. I have actually started crying in a few lesssons which is different because I don't
even know these people but I already feel the love for them. I didn't even realize that today is St. Patrick's day. How funny!
The housing is sure different. It isn't as nice, but it is pretty big in fact. It has 2 stories. But I am going to clean it a lot, because
it is pretty messy. I like it though! Can't complain. Well my companion is called Elder Kjar. He is actually from Eagle, Idaho.
It is my first american companion in the mission. So that is pretty neat. He is a great elder. We get along well! He ends the mission
in two months.

So guess what I ate the first day here.. I ate soup of pig feet. hahaha What an experience!! That was my special welcome here :) hahah
I'll just say that it tastes pretty different. This area and zone need a lot of help. But we are seeing a lot of progress already! I really
enjoyed that scripture that you said. (D&C 112:19) It invited the spirit and I know that it is true. I am really excited to keep working. I feel the spirit
a lot lately. I was able to leave some stuff for the members and converts in my other area. I felt good to be able to help them out.
We had some great lessons here and they went to church with us!!

It is a lot different here than Tuxtla. It is like the coast. It is funny because it reminds me of Hawaii in a weird way. But a lot different.
The bus ride was good 6 hours. Well I'll go so we can chat.

I love you all. Love Elder Parker

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