Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hey family how are you all? Well this was a really great week!! We were able to see some people change the desires of their hearts and were able to receive the blessings of our Heavenly Father. This week was called the semana santa. The holy week. They have a lot of weird traditions here that they celebrate the whole entire week. It was fun to see some people acting weird haha. Do you want to know something really funny. I didn't even realize it was Easter yesterday until we got home at night and I was like oh hey.. Easter was today. hahah It was hilarious. So I took advantage of the few hours we had to eat some snacks :) We are continueing to work hard here in the area. It has been a lot hotter lately. Which is fine :) hahah. Well it only rained once this week. And it didn't rain a ton. So I am guessing it will start raining really hard soon. I hope. We aren't going to the Tree of life rock today. Or maybe we will. I want to go this week or next week for sure.

The ants actuallly didn't eat anything in the package. And thanks so much for the package and the other package that you sent with the Lopez family, and the shaver. It works real nice. Thanks. You spoiled me!! hahah Sounds like a lot of fun hiking. Can't wait to go hiking as well!! Well because I'm in shape and everything to walk all day. This week we worked hard and my companion actually had to put his feet in a bucket with cold water to help ease his pain away. It was actually quite funny but he is liking it. Well I will go so we can chat. I love you all.

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