Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hi mom and family. Sorry we had to write early because we are leaving to Tuxtla today :)

We have seen some amazing miracles mom. I know we don't do anything. The Lord does everything.
I was telling my companion the other day, we are so blessed to be able to be witnesses of these
miracles and be able to see changes in the people here. Our Heavenly Father must love us so much
to have us here experiencing these things. :)

I really enjoyed that scripture thanks:) Wow that is awesome. I am so proud of Josh!!
Wow, what a great family we have.

Our stake here had a choir about the atonement.
It was really spiritual and we took investigadors there.
It was amazing. I have never seen a choir so good here in Mexico.
I really enjoyed it :)

The investigadors were a mom with her kids. Her husband couldn't go. But yes we have a lot of investigadors.
We are teaching several families. I just want to have the families be converted unto the Lord. We are so close mom.
I am praying. I know they will receive the gospel. I know our Heavenly Father is changing their lives.

Well I need to go. We are traveling to Tuxtla to meet with the President. It is about a 6 hour ride on the bus.
We stay over night until tomorrow. I am excited.

I love you all.

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