Wednesday, March 19, 2014

November 18, 2013

Hey how are you doing mom and family? I am doing great!!
This week went by really fast right?! It was a good week.
I got your package that you sent for me. I haven't opened it yet because I don't know if I should.
We had the zone conference this week this Friday actually. It was really well. President was there and
talked to us. We had to order the food for the zone so I called a few members from my first ward in Bosque.
They brought the food which tasted really good and we payed them afterwards. It was great to see them
and they wanted a picture with me. What great guys. This week we got to give tours in the tours for the visitors.
The visitors temple thing. But it isn't called that because it was like copying the one from Salt Lake. But it was amazing!!!!
Wow I loved it so much!! It is so spiritual!! There are three rooms with videos of Christ and they are all decorated.
At the very end is the waiting room in the temple. What a spiritual place. I almost forgot how beautiful it is in the temple.
We walked in there and the neatest thing occured. We walked in the waiting room and then all of a sudden I saw like 5 little
girls sitting on the couch there. And they all smiled and waved at me. And were like do you remember us? hahah
It turns out they were from my last area. Their parents were in the temple and these little girls were waiting on the couch. They have like
3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 years old. They were all so happy. And it was amazing because they rememberd me and were so happy. I then thought of
how blessed we are being members of the church because the little children like them grow up in families which have the gospel.
And they learn values at a young age. It was so neat and spiritual. Then the other day I went to the tours of the temple again and saw Elder Jensen!
It was amazing because I can't believe it actually happened because it turned out he was there out of all the days he could have been there.
We are working really hard here! It has been really cold but yesterday it turned on the heater and it was burning. Today in the morning was really hot, but
now it is a little cloudy.
President Cardenas was explaining to us about the house of Israel and the gathering and everything. I have learned so much about that. And the importance of the Book of Mormon and the missionary work. The spirit was testifying to me once again. He also talked that we were foreordained and that we were prepared before this life.
I think that scripture is in Alma 13.

We talked about technology also. He asked me if the missionaries in our house have ipads or ipods already? I said I didn't know..

Can I open the package or should I wait?

My stomach is doing better. The skin is healing better but still has a little ways to go. It hurts every now and then but I am trying to take it easy.

Transfers are next week, should be exciting to see what happens. I love you all. Love Elder Parker

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