Wednesday, March 19, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing really good. Thanks for all your emails.
This week went pretty good! We are working really hard. We are seeing a lot of progress
here in the ward and in our investigators. I got a little sick this week and we couldn't really
work a few days. But I already talked with the doctor. They took a blood test. And it appears I am
free from everything. So I just need to take a lot of electrolytes. My head was just hurting a ton.
and I would get hot and cold. But now I am better.
The ward is great. And they keep calling me Peter Parker. hahah

Well next week we will have transfers. We will see what happens.!!
We are going to work really hard this week. We have good things planned.
Today they told us that 18 missionaries are going to sleep in our house tonight.
Because tomorrow morning we have a training with the President and all the zone and district
leaders. Should be interesting. I am excited for the meeting.

The work is going good here. We are trying really hard to talk to as many people as we can.
It is helping us out a lot :)

I sure love the gospel. I love seeing the change in peoples lives.
I hope everything is fine at the house.
I love Jesus Christ and the atonement.
Thanks for everything.

Love elder Parker

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