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November 25, 2013

Hey thanks for the email! I am doing great and you guys? This was a full week and really fast..

Wahooo!!!! we had the transfers and guess what.. I am staying here!!!! That is exactly what I wanted!! :) I am so happy for that. I was so nervous last night hahah.

This week a 70 came down to Tuxtla and we had a multi stake meeting. He talked about the work of salvation with the members and missionaries.
His name is Elder Valenzuela. He was a really neat elder. I loved the meeting and felt the spirit a ton. He invited us to pray that night to ask if the Lord was hastening his work.
I prayed that night and the spirit overpowered me. I know we are in the Lord's work and we are helping him gather Israel.
The other great part of the meeting was that I got to see so many members from my first ward. I walked in and sat down then my (son) companion came and said they are looking for you and I was like who and he said the whole ward. So I went to the back and got to talk to all of them and we all remembered each other. It was a great experience!! Then I also got to see my old ward in Terrazas and Lomas. I was smiling the whole time and couldn't help but be so happy. I was thinking a lot that I am so blessed to have such amazing friends in the gospel. It was a great meeting. I saw a member from Terrazas. He asked me about a talk or movie or something called the Mansion. It is by like Peter something. hahah I guesss President Monson or a Prophet talked about that about Christmas? I don't really know what he meant.

Ana is progressing still. She wasn't home for two weeks because she went on vacation. It turns out when she got back we finally got to talk with her. She went to... New York!!
hahah I was like no way. She showed us pictures of the statue of liberty and everything. It was neat. We then on friday took her to the temple and the visitors center project. A member from my ward in terrazas came with us. The member who let me use her skype for mothers day in fact. Her husband which isn't member also showed up. In all these years he had never gone to the temple. And I invited him and he came, what a miracle!! Because he is really stubborn but me and him are great friends. We got there and it was so amazing and spiritual. They both felt really good inside. He was like before I felt a lot of problems from work and everything and didn't felt good then I entered the waiting room of the temple and felt so much calmness, that is what iIneeded he said. It was a neat experience.

We had a lot of transfers in the zone. Which is always good I guess! WE are all working hard.
One of my converts accomplished birthday. So I gave him a few presents! The first counselor says thanks for the preach my gospel!!
The primary had the presentation this Sunday, it was really cute!! I always love them. And it reminded me of little Joshy and Nathdog.
I loved the package thanks!! I love the turkeys!! hahah

IN fact a few families here invited us to eat dinner with them for Thanksgiving. They will be making a bunch of things for us. Which is really nice of them. I am excited.
I am so glad I am still in the area. Because maybe I will get to see Elder Jensen for christmas dinner. And we have a lot of investigadores that should be getting baptized soon :) I didin't want to leave them.

Sorry it's so long. I guess I am just happy :)

I love you all.
Love Elder Parker

oh yeah my stomach is okay. I have a checkup with the doctor on friday. I guess we'll see how it goes.

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