Wednesday, March 19, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hey thanks for the email mom. :)
Sounds like you all had a blast at Zion's doing a little biking.
I have plenty of ties don't worry about that one mom. :) hahah
That's funny you got to eat at the Chinese chicken. I'm sure that family
was really cute. I love the people here. They either always make me smile
or laugh really hard. hhahah They are so unforgettable. I was thinking about it.
I love how they talk. hahah because apparently here in Chiapas they talk really
different Spanish compared to other countries and parts of Mexico. I'll have to teach y'all
the Spanish chiapaneco.

Well we are continueing to work hard. We are seeing miracles still. It is amazing how the Lord
blesses us when we are obedient and have faith and desire to help him. The family of
Zeta and Mauricio came to church this week which made us really happy. THey were really happy.
Mauricio received the priesthood!! And Miguel is going to receive it the next week. They are both so happy.
Miguel bore his testimony to us about the gospel and church. It was so powerful. He has changed so much.
I am so happy for him and I love him so much. Mauricio is really happy also. I love his family. I am expecting a miracle
with this family. We will see what Heavenly Father decides. :)

Like you said, it is heating up like an oven here. Sweating everyday. Which I'm used to it. So it's nothing to complain about.
It's free right? :) most people pay money to go to a place with sun. Yesterday we had another meeting with President Cardenas
and the Stake President. It was great. Just the four of us. We talked about every ward and how they can improve. We are going to
have our ward conference the 15 and 16 of March. So we are working really hard towards that day.
We will continue to invite the less active so they can feel the spirit once again in their lives.

Thanks for everything family. I love you all so much. I am really happy and continue to smile :)

I still haven't received the package yet. I believe it must be in the office. Maybe we'll swing by today. Love you all.

Elder Parker

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