Wednesday, March 19, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing. Thanks for the email.
I am just sure glad Brian and I were able to talk and do facetime together.
I will always hold that dear in my heart. During the call he wrote, how much time
do you have left in your mission. I said 6 months. and he said , I hope I get to see you again.
And we then ended shortwhile after and he said, I love you man. I was able to say the same.
What a great friend. I know his wish will come true. I will be able to see him again, only now
in a better place. :)

This week went by really well. We are working really hard and I love my companion. He is amazing,
and we are working great together. We had a baptism this week also. The ward is doing better.
It is getting better and we had an activity thursday. we watched 17 miracles. It impacted the members.
We didn't get to watch most of it. We had to leave early for interviews. But it was good.

Thanks for being a great family. Let us stay strong in the gospel and we will see miracles and be blessed. :)
Thanks for your righteousness and examples. I know the Lord blesses us in times of need. I have experienced it
here in the mission.

Love Elder Parker

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