Wednesday, March 19, 2014

December 30, 2013

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing great! :)
The skype was really great. I had a hard time speaking English but I sure did love it.
You all looked so good and different!! It went by really fast.

Well we are working hard here. We finally had the first ward council meeting yesterday.
We were able to put together the ward mission plan. THat will help us out a lot!!
The members are great so I know the Lord will help the ward out here.

Christmas was amazing. Thanks for all the presents and snacks!! WE sure did enjoy Christmas.
We ate a ton of food like everyday haha.
Most of the people were out of their houses or partying so it was hard to find everyone last week.
Hopefully this week they will be in their houses. Yes there will be a lot of fireworks here!! haha

We will have transfers next week. So I am pretty sure I'll stay here. :) I guess we'll find out no?

We painted a house for a member this week. I liked it. It reminded me when we tried to paint my room downstairs hahaha.

I saw a returned missionary in the stake center. He served in Colombia. I was like hey,.. do you know elder Sorenson.
He was like yeah, he was in my zone. So we got to talk a lot. So tell Brother Sorenson that the elder Interiano says hi.

Did my package get home yet?

Well I will stop so we can chat more. Thanks for everything. I sure do love you all. This week was nice and fresh.
Yes it's starting to get hot this week.

I love you all. Love Elder Parker

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