Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 3, 2014

So sorry I couldn't write and it took awhile.
We had the activity that we have every 6 months.
We went to the canyon of Sumidero. And then played sports
in a nice park. It was really fun. I saw Elder Jensen. It was so
fun because he said who would have ever thought that we would
be playing basketball together in Mexico.. I loved that.
I played some basketball and a lot of soccer. I got to score a bunch of times.
I feel like I am better at soccer than I am at basketball now. That is a little weird.
But I really enjoy soccer now. It was fun.

The only thing is is that we don't have much time. I have like 18 minutes left.

We are going to have the huge meeting with President tomorrow. So I should receive the package.
I talked about if you wanted to come pick me up with the secretary of the President. He said it's fine but he needs to know the next week or two. I haven't really thought much. What is your opinion?

This week went really well. We are working really hard. and we get along quite well. We were able
to see another miracle yesterday and a 71 year old man was baptized. It was one of the most spiritual moments I have had on the mission. I will have to tell you next week for the time.

To answer dad's questions.. We are here in a Ward with about 80 to 90 people attending on a regular basis. The area is really big and we have to walk a ton. It is extremely hot. And I have
been getting sun burned even when I put on sunscreen :) haha. And I was able to buy some nice
protein that will last for like 3 months or 4. Thanks for the money. I think that are all his questions.
Oh and I get along really well with my companion.

Well I love you all. I am loving this work. :)

Elder Parker

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