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December 9, 2013

Hey mom and everyone!! How is everyone doing? Wow I am really excited for all the snow that is there!! I saw all of the pictures and it got me excited :) hahah
This week went by extremely fast once again. I don't want it going too fast. So this week was really good. We had the council with the President and the zone leaders.
We learned how to work with the members and leaders of the church. Then the next day we transmitted that message to our zone. We now have like 26 missionaries in our zone.
It is quite a bit. I think it is the second biggest zone in the mission. It went really well and I felt the spirit alot. I love helping the zone out. They are great missionaries.
It was our turn this week to go to the temple and do the tours. IT was really great and I always love it. During the council I got a package!!! and a lot of letters from the family and our relatives and sister Randy Haws and Lidia Hamada. I haven't opened the package yet. Can I open it? Thanks for the lettes I loved them. Espeically the blue skies and the thankgiving one :) haha

Well yesterday was quite the experience. We got to teach talking with the first counselor ten minutes before the sacrament meeting started and he was like.. well. the person that was going to give the talk isn't going to come. So one of you two can you give the talk. Elder Parker, can you do it? I was like sure why not. I was actually excited. THen we went in the the salon and were waiting and a ton of people showed up. I prepared my talk and gave it. I talked about the true meaning of Christmas and about Jesus Christ and his atonement. It went pretty well and I took about 20 minutes because he told me I was wrapping up the meeting. I actually really enjoyed it and felt the spirit. The members all looked happy. I was glad I could help the members out this Christmas with a talk.

We were able to go to the devotional also! We took an investigador that Luis with us. I really enjoyed it and loved the music. I loved the talk by elder Russel M Nelson.
We were lucky we got to go. I love Christmas and thinking about Christ.

Talking about Christmas.. I have two important announcements.
1. we need to be thiking what day we are going to skype to get everything set up. * the President doesn't want us doing everything last minute.
2. in order to enter the temple this year for Christmas. I need to bring 2 family names to do the work for them. Or else I can't enter. So I don't know exactly how to do that. :) hahah

Well I love you all. I hope we can chat. We will be going to Sam's this week. We didn't get to go next week.

Love Elder Parker

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