Wednesday, March 19, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hey family!! How are you all doing? I am doing so great!!! I am really happy.. Wahoo.. guess what.. I get to stay here in Paraiso still :) I will have another transfer here.
My companion stays also. We are really excited to keep working really hard in this area. It is one of my favorite areas that is for sure. I am so blessed. I know I am still here
for a great purpose.

This week was absolutely amazing. I have seen miracles. I know without a doubt that angels have helped us. My Heavenly Father sure does love me and the people here.
It was such a spiritual week. I can't believe it still. So I told dad about an investigador that we were teaching. Well his name is Miguel. He is amazing. He almost died a month
ago from drinking so much. He has completely changed his life. He was baptized this saturday. It was incredible. He is following the example of Christ and is so happy.
His brother was able to baptize him. His brother also stopped drinking and is a member of the church. What a miracle.

The second miracle. It is unbelievable. His name is Mauricio. He has 16 years old. He has known the church for 5 years. He has listened to the missionaries for 5 years.
His parents never gave him permission to be baptized. His sister is Zeta my convert. She had to wait to be 18 years old to be baptized. He was going to wait also.
But this past month we have been talking to their parents and teaching them. the spirit overwhelmed them. And we went thursday and the spirit was so strong.
A couple weeks ago we went and we were all crying in the lesson. His parents have changed so much. It is amazing to see the change. Well this thursday we went with the
parents and they said he could be baptized this Saturday. It was a surprise for Mauricio, we didn't tell him until Saturday morning. Everyone was so happy.
the parents were crying. They also went to church yesterday and the mom was crying the whole time with joy because she was with her kids. I have faith that we will soon
be able to see the parents in the waters of baptism.

I know the Lord blesses us when we are obedient. He loves us so much. We didn't do anything, we just followed the spirit to see these miracles.

The Lord will bless us in our efforts if we act with FAITH.. Thomas S Monson..

I love you all so much. I am more excited than ever. Thanks for all your help. This work is so true I can feel it everyday.

Love you all.

Elder Parker

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