Wednesday, March 19, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing really good thanksj!! This week was really good and fast.
Elder Aguilar turns 20 today!! He's pretty excited. This week I ate some pretty weird food if I say so myself.
We ate cow stomach!! sick.. it was like in a hot soup. And then the other day we ate chicken liver!! sick.
It was some pretty different food. But hey at least I have food right? hahaha
We had a really nice meeting with President Cardenas and the Stake President here about two days ago.
It was really neat. Before the meeting we had some free time to talk with president Cardenas.
I asked how he was doing with English and everything. He then said his lower back hurt and I was like hey
my lower back used to hurt too. He said yeah because you played football. And he was like where are you going
to play football after. He told me his opinion and everything on where he would want me to go. hahah
We then started the meeting and were talking about the zone and the stake. He then got to our ward.
And he said Elder Parker and Elder Aguilar are there. And they work as if there were 6 elders there. It was a
really good compliment.
We had a really good family night with a family and some investigadores. It went really well and we were able to talk about
the atonement of Jesus Cristo. What a neat experiencia. The spirit was really strong. I love the mission because I always
have the blessing of feeling the spirit daily.

Well tell Jo dog happy birthday. I was thinking about him yesterday because I knew it was his birthday. Did he complete 26?
The other Sunday the first counselor in our ward was talking in the sacrament meeting. He announced an activity that we had.
He was like we should all go so we can help out elder Peter Parker and elder Aguilar. It was really funny. A little
weird because it was in the sacrament meeting. hahah.
Well I will go so we can get a little time in to chat. Thanks for everything. :)

Yeah it is starting to be hot again.

I love you all. Love Elder Parker

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