Wednesday, March 19, 2014

January 14, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing great!! :)
Thanks for the email mom.

Well everything went really well with Brian. I was able to use Facetime. It's like skype.
President was like, hey do you want to use facetime. I was like yes! So I got to talk with him for like 45 minutes.
He couldn't talk but he would write sentences in his notebook and I would read them. It was really a great blessing.
He was really happy and smiling:) It was precious time. He's a great friend. It was really nice to talk with him.

Transfers went well. I didn't get to work much this week with everything that happened.
My companion is elder Aguilar he is from Honduras. He is actually tall. My first tall companion hahah.
He is really nice and funny. We work well together. I am training him as a zone leader. So he is getting to
know what it is like to be zone leader. It was really really cold here monday and tuesday. But now it is really
really hot. It's heating up again. I'm not too excited :) haha it's fine actually. We had to go to Cintalapa a little town
to check a house for the sister missionaries because they opened up another area in the zone. We traveled in a really
nice charter bus for like 2 hours roundtrip. It reminded me of traveling to state in football.

Thanks for the package again. it was really awesome. I really enjoy the snacks. They taste really good.
And the licorice reminds me of camping with the family.

I found out yesterday that a brother from my first ward passed away. He had a heart attack. It was the son
of one of my converts. Which is sad.. But he is better where he is because he was suffering a lot.

My convert Zeta went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead for the first time. She is really excited.
It was good to see her so happy for entering the temple and she is progressing a lot.

This sunday I blessed the bread for the sacrament for the first time in Spanish. It was a great experience.
It reminded me of the good old days in the first ward blessing the sacrament every week. :)

Well I will go so we can have some time to chat. I love you all. Bye

Love Elder Parker :)

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