Wednesday, March 19, 2014

December 23, 2013

Thanks for the email mom! This week was really fast and amazing!!
The temple was so spiritual and I absolutely loved it!! The only thing I couldn't do is do the work for the name you gave me.
Because he didn't have the work done before the work I was going to do. So I saved it so you guys can do his work.
I hope that is fine. :) I was able to enter the temple without a name. What a blessing. The meeting after the temple was great.
Then we had a banquet which was really neat. I got to sit next to Elder Jensen!! We all sang Christmas hymns and then we ate.
At the end they called our names for our packages and letters. The President and his wife gave us all a box of snacks. IT was really nice of them.
Thanks for the package that you sent me. The only thing was that somehow the people opened it over there. And everything was scattered. A few things were unwrapped. But it's fine. I just don't know what was for my companion? IT was weird because that has never happened but for some reason they opened the package. But nothing was taken! I also got to see my friend Elder Petersen and a bunch of other elders.
It was great.

This week I ate something new.. It's called.. Cow tongue. hahah I didn't know what it was until after I ate it. How interesting. I was like, hmm.. this tastes different.
It doesn't taste like chicken. haha.

So let me know what time for skype. :)

I love you all.
Love Elder Parker

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